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Marietta 60,000 Mile Service

If you have kept up with regular oil and filter changes during the first 60,000 miles of your car’s life, and it is not giving you any problems – how important is it for you to have the 60,000 mile service done? Ask any technician at Service Street and they will tell you how important it is and give you examples why. The 60,000 mile service check is the beginning of the cycle of maintenance you need to have done regularly to prevent serious problems and costly repairs. The service is fast, simple and affordable but it could be the thing that saves you the cost of a new engine.

During the standard 60,000 mile service check at Service Street, our technicians will check, top off or change your brake, oil, transmission and power steering fluid as required. We also check and change the filters. This allows the technician to see the quality of the fluid as well as the level. If your levels are too low for the type of driving you are doing in Marietta, or the fluid is highly contaminated, this indicates a more serious problem is present. We will also inspect and replace spark plugs and wires as needed. Some car manufacturers also have specific 60,000 mile service requirements for different models that we will follow as well.

If you are looking to keep your car running well, then call and make an appointment at Service Street for a 60,000 mile service check today. This quick service can save you money and time in the future.