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Marietta Brake Repair

One of the most difficult things about brake repair is making sure that any air that is introduced into the system is properly bled out. If any air remains in the brake lines, it can cause brake failure. The reason for this is the air forms a bubble that then acts like a block in the line that prevents the pressure of the pedal from moving the brake fluid through to activate the brake. When one of our brake repair specialists at Service Street repairs your brakes, you can rest assured that they have made sure that no air remains in the lines at all.


Cars today use advance braking technology which means that brake repair involves more than just replacing pads and resurfacing drums. The brake repair specialists at our Marietta location have all the latest diagnostic and testing equipment to make sure that the electronic and on-board computer technology that is now a part of your brake system is working properly as well. With some cars, when they need brake repair, they will also trigger a warning system of lights that have to be reset as well.


Call and make an appointment with a Service Street brake repair specialist. We are located in Marietta and our extended service hours let you fit your brake repair easily into your day. Our stock of OEM and approved replacement parts help us get any brake repair done fast so you are back out on the road without delay.