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Marietta Check Engine Light Service

At Service Street a lot of the more expensive repair work we do could have been avoided had the vehicle been brought in when the owner first noticed the check engine light was on. For a lot of people, the check engine light represents the potential of an expensive repair so they will hold off on bringing the car into our Marietta location to have the error code read. Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more damage that can happen to your vehicle’s systems.

When your check engine light comes on it will either be flashing or lit with a steady glow. If the light is steady, you do have some time before you need to make an appointment at Service Street in Marietta because this indicates a minor problem. If your check engine light is flashing, you should make an appointment at Service Street immediately. A flashing check engine light means that a part of your emissions system is malfunctioning that can damage the catalytic converter. To avoid that damage, you need to have the error code read and the repair made as soon as possible. At Service Street, we can diagnose the check engine light turned on in your car.

Call and make an appointment at Service Street as soon as your check engine light turns on. We are conveniently located in Marietta and have extended service hours so you can come in when your schedule allows. Our stock of OEM and approved replacement parts allows us to handle any repair needed quickly, so you are back out on the road fast.