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Marietta Emissions Checks

How many times have you woken up in the morning excited to go in for your emissions test? Service Street is going to bet that it is not too many times. Why is that? Because too many people in Marietta see emissions test policies as a punishment. We like to think of it as an opportunity to improve your car and care for the local environment.

Taking care of your car should be a constant task that rewards you with safety, a well running vehicle, lower gas consumption and lower emissions. Always taking care of your car is your first step in passing an emissions test. Allowing the condition of your car to deteriorate, only to try at the last moment to get it back up to par is a sure way to end up failing. Bring your car in to us at Service Street for regular servicing that has you ready for your emissions test well in advance.

If you do fail your emissions test, due to a ‘check engine light,’ or any other fault, your car will have to undergo repairs before you can legally drive it. Come into Service Street before your emissions test and we’ll work to get your car up to standards so you can be prepared for your next emissions test. We want you to be out on the streets of Marietta driving a car that runs great for you and that is better for the environment.