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Marietta Oil Change

Getting an oil change is just as important in the cold weather as it is when it is hot. While cars do tend to use more oil during the summer months, the importance of oil to proper engine performance when it is cold should not be underestimated. Winter months create adverse driving conditions that can make your car’s engine work harder. Keeping up with the oil change schedule will make sure that your engine always has what it needs to perform to its maximum efficiency.

At Service Street, we can do your oil change quickly and efficiently. Our standard oil change includes checking your other vital fluids as well to make sure you have everything you need to protect your car’s engine. Our oil change technicians will also show you some tips and tricks for getting the best performance out of your car by changing how you drive depending on the season. Simply learning to wait before driving off in the cold months can let the oil work better in cold weather. They will also match the type and weight of oil to your car’s age and your driving habits. An oil change will also reveal if you have any internal engine issues beginning that may need repair.

Call and set up an appointment for an oil change today at Service Street. We can help make keeping up with your oil changes an easy and affordable part of your car maintenance routine.