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Marietta Synthetic Oil Change

There is a hidden benefit to having a regular synthetic oil change done at Service Street. Depending on the fluid used during your synthetic oil change and the type of driving that you do, you may only have to come in every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. This means you will be having a synthetic oil change done at the 1/3 to 1/2 mark between major service milestones.


During your synthetic oil change appointment, a Service Street technician goes under your vehicle to remove the oil drain plug. This allows us to visually inspect the underside of your car before the standard service schedule so we can spot developing problems sooner. Generally, the only time the underside of your car is seen by a qualified technician is during the synthetic oil change and during repairs. It is the underside of your car that will reveal problems early enough to have them repaired before they become costly problems.


We provide synthetic oil change service to all makes and model vehicles at our Marietta location. The Service Street technician can help you decide what the best fluid and filters are for your car based upon its mileage age and use. Call and make an appointment today for a synthetic oil change. We have what it takes to make sure you stay on the road. Our hours are convenient for any life style and you can even book your appointments several months in advance if that helps you plan your schedule.