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Marietta Wheel Alignment

Bad roads in and around Marietta aren’t enough to cause your wheel alignment to go out, but they will lead to damage that will contribute to a loss of correct alignment. Your car’s tires and suspension system are designed to absorb the shock of pot holes and rough roads. When a tire has to repeatedly absorb shock, it loses inflation. A poorly inflated tire can begin to pull your wheel alignment out of order. When your wheel alignment is incorrect, you will experience an expensive loss in fuel economy and excessive wear on your tires. At Service Street, we know how quickly a poor wheel alignment can cause damage to the tires and suspension that are supposed to be protecting you and your vehicle from the road. We work quickly to make sure the problem is corrected so you can get back to driving with confidence.


When you bring in your car to Service Street, the technician will check the toe and camber measurements of the tire. These measurements define the alignment of the wheel in relation to the other tires and the road. Our technicians will also check the condition of your tire tread and make sure your tires are properly inflated.


Call and make an appointment at Service Street today to have your wheel alignment checked. Our Marietta location is conveniently located and we have extended service hours that will make it easy to fit your service appointment into your schedule.