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Repair of Lexus Vehicles

When you IS or ES sedan hits the 60,000 mile mark, it is time to bring it in to Service Street for the scheduled Lexus repair or service. This service is one of the three major milestones in the care of your car with the others being the 30 and 90k mile markers. At Service Street our Lexus auto repair technicians will provide you with the best quality care to make sure you leave confident in the reliability of your Lexus for the next 30,000 miles on the road.

If you are driving the RX or GX SUV, this is also a very important service to have done. A Service Street ASE Certified Technician can walk you through the entire process. While your vehicle is in for the appointment, we check all of your major systems. During the 60k Lexus repair and service we will drain and fill all of your fluids and change the filters. We will also check the condition of your door seals and windshield wipers so you are prepared for any weather than may happen in Marietta. The most important part of the 60k Lexus repair and service is the attention we pay to the fuel delivery and steering system of your car. The Lexus fuel technology helps it to deliver its performance, but that performance is dependent on your tires and suspension.

Call and make an appointment at Service Street for your Lexus Service in Marietta. If it isn’t time for a major Lexus service, make sure to begin bringing your vehicle in to the Lexus auto repair experts for regular oil changes and maintenance to make sure you can stay on the road.