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Repair of Porsche Vehicles

Making sure that your hybrid Porsche gets the right kind of attention is essential to maintaining its performance. At Service Street, our Porsche repair technicians are qualified and experienced with maintaining all years and models of Boxster, Spyder, Cayenne, 911, 918 or Panamera vehicles. We have the latest in diagnostic equipment at our Marietta location to help us take care of your Cayenne S Hybrid easily.


The Hybrid GTS, GT3 and Panamera Hybrids from Porsche are just a few of the models they offer with fuel efficient technology. The hybrid system depends on a complex on-board computer control system to manage the battery, generator and fuel power system. At Service Street, our Porsche repair technician can make sure that your alternative fuel system is operating at its peak performance. We also provide the standard Porsche repair and service that applies to all of their cars. If you need an oil change, tire service or are at the 30, 60 or 90k Porsche repair and service mark the only place to bring your vehicle is Service Street. No matter what Porsche service you are scheduled for, we always make sure to visually inspect the underside of your car, check the fluids and make sure that your electric safety systems are working right.


Call and make an appointment with a Service Street for your next Porsche repair and service. We are located right in Marietta and our extended service hours make scheduling an appointment easy. We only use Porsche OEM and recommended parts and fluids in all our maintenance and repair services.